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Dependencies for As Late As Possible project

How do you add dependencies for a project that is set for As Late As Possible?  Our projects all have a hard stop on a set due date.  I'm trying to set the dependencies using STS and lag but the dates are not changing within the project.  There are not any manually set dates.


Leslie Laski Answered

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Hi Leslie,

I believe what you are looking for is constraint type. Please see the information below explaining how you can add one.

Setting Constraint Type

  1. Navigate to a work item Properties Card.
  2. Click and scroll down to the Schedule Settings section.

    Figure 1: Schedule Settings
  3. Click the Constraint Type value field to activate the dialog.

    Figure 2: Constraint Type Dialog
  4. Define the required constraint type.
  5. Click
    The dialog closes.
    The work item constraint type setting is set as defined.
    The change appears in the Properties Card Schedule Settings section.
Bea Genthner 0 votes
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Hi Bea,

Thanks for the response.  Is it possible to add dependencies to a project that is set for As Late As Possible?  I need to create templates that we can use to create new projects.  Our projects are driven by the set due date so the As Late As Possible constraint is the way we need to go but when I try to use dependencies it does not work.




Leslie Laski 0 votes
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It is definitely possible. Just keep in mind to not reverse the dependencies in any way. Finish-to-Start dependencies to not become Start-to-Finish in ALAP and predecessors/successors should not be swapped. Also, manually set dependencies may block the dependency from calculating correctly.

Josh Santos 0 votes
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