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Validating a user is in a specific User Group as part of a Custom Action

We have a Custom Action to submit a Request for turnover approval.  The Custom Action User Input form accepts the approvers name (as a reference to an Object of type User).  

The form accepts any valid user as input.  We need to limit that list of users to only users who are authorized to approve turnovers (i.e. we have created a User Group called 'Turnover Approvers' to manage this list).  

Is there a way that can be done within in the Custom Action?  Either A) only allow valid Turnover Approver names to be entered in the User Input form or B) display a message box (i.e. "Not a valid Turnover Approver...") if the user isn't in the Turnover Approvers User Group.

I feel like some kind of Validation Rule would be the answer but I'm not sure how to build one or how to call it from within the Custom Action. 

Thanks in advance...

Mike Rogers Answered

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Hi, yes, you can create that using a validation rule but as far as I know you need to have separate items for those purposes - a custom action AND and validation rule that checks up whatever is required. I'll need more specifics in order to guide you, but the general idea is that the validation rule will check is the user is a turnover approver or not, and display the error message accordingly.

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