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Can you link an existing Risk to a Request?

Is it possible to link an existing Case - Risk to a Case - Request?

The configuration of a Custom Action to create a Enhancement Request was linking an existing Customer to a Case - Request.  We have since discovered that a Social license does not have access to the Customer Object.

We were actually re-purposing the Customer Object to contain a list of our software applications.  It's been suggested to re-purpose one of the other Case objects that we are not using, i.e. Risk or Issue.  The Social license does have access to those objects 

I'm unable to link a Risk to a Request in the same manner that I was able to link a Customer to a Request in the configuration of the Custom Action that allows our users to submit requests.

Mike Rogers Answered

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We tried to do that too but it was not possible (at the time, at least; it was about a year ago). Perhaps Clarizen can clarify is this has changed.

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We actually got that to work as we wanted it to today.  I don't know if you're still interested in a solution like that anymore.

Our solution was to create a custom field (called Application) as a reference to an Object of type Risk.  We created this custom field at the Request object level.

Our Custom Action form (that creates software change requests) references the Application field on the form.  In one of the Set Actions on the custom action, we update NewObject1.Application with the Application variable from the user form.

So far that's worked and isn't limited by a Social license...

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