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Clarizen Rest API Log Time

Hello friends! 
I am working over integration Clarizen REST API with our local service and met a problem with task to implement functionality to log time over API.
I have found solution to create Timesheet entity over API PUT request, and it works, but problem is that it creates duplicate Timesheets on Clarizen web interface and it looks like duplication of tasks.
Can you please suggest method to implement log time functionality without "duplication" of Timesheets?

Oleh Hladchenko

Oleh Hladchenko Answered

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Hi Oleh,

The PUT method creates new Timesheet entries. Clarizen allows multiple Timesheets entries for the same work item/resource/date and displays such information as multiple lines for the same work item.  

If I understand correctly, your application is expected to update the existing Timesheet entry if one exists.
To update an existing entry with the API you need to use the POST method and specify the existing timesheet entry in the URL.

Refer to API documentation for more information.

Hope this helps,


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