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Multi-currency on data object

When Multi-Currency is turned on you are able to specify an amount in a specific currency. Then the user's environment is then configured to use this date on the data project. Looking for the ability to for this behavior to occur on the data object when Multi-Currency is turned on. Use case: If a user tries to modify the value on the data object, the value contains currency (i.e. 100 EUR instead of 100) and looking to be for the ability to modify the currency. 


For future reference the request ID is CR-357362


Danielle Lasirona Completed

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This feature is now available in the release of 14-Oct-2018

David Goulden
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Here's a workaround that we're currently using:

  • Create a custom action at the data object level 
  • We repeat the same form layout used to create the data object, but pre-populate all fields from the current values
  • Add conditional actions, test if the value has changed, if so, update the fields
  • Create a custom URL field at the data object level
  • Use GetCustomActionURL function to create a link to the new custom action.  We wrap it in a Hyperlink function so the field just has an 'Edit' link
  • Add the column to the view for that data object.
  • Now, user clicks edit, the data pops in a modal window, they modify the currency field, click save.
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