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About System-Wide User Types/Roles

Hi Guys,

I am a bit confused about "Email Reporting User", "Time & Expense User" and "Social User".

All of them are claimed to be purchased/obtained in conjunction with either "Professional or Enterprise Edition Subscriptions" or "Unlimited or Enterprise Edition Subscriptions".

Does it mean they cannot be all appear in one kind of subscription, for example, "Time & Expense User" cannot be used in Unlimited Edition Subscription?



Sam Fu Answered

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To my knowledge, email and social users do not require a subscription. You only have two types - time & expense (can report time, see tasks, but not projects) and full license (can approve timesheets as a manager, see projects, etc.)


Hope this helps

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You can think of Professional, Enterprise, and the Unlimited Edition as the framework for your account. The main differences are in the number of allowed configurations (including apps) as well as storage.  Email, Time & Expense, and Social Users are types of individual users (and licenses) in the system that sit inside of that framework.

Email is the only free license type. Social and Time & Expense both require a paid license. (sorry Guy, you are pretty much always right in all of your posts ;)

All license types are supported in all editions, but you can get more out of each license in Enterprise or Unlimited as more functionality and configuration is possible.

Hope this helps!


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