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Prevent duplicate values in custom field

Since there is no option in a custom field to flag it as key/primary/unique (and perhaps this should be an enhancement request), is there a way to leverage a Validation or Workflow Rule to check when a value is entered into a custom field to see if it already exists and reject it if it does?

Use case:  We have project tasks that represent the orders placed for the project and have an 'order number' custom field where the order number from our CRM is entered to create the API link between the systems.

- The reason for this is so that Clarizen shipment task Due Dates can be fed to our CRM to update the ship dates when projects are rescheduled.

- Our accounting team enters the order numbers into Clarizen when they create the orders in the CRM.

- If they should enter the same order number into two separate shipment tasks, this will break the API's 1-to-1 relationship and cause discrepancies.

- We would like to implement a safeguard that prevents them from duplicating an order number in this field.  A Validation or Workflow rule seems like 'the answer' but I don't see a function for identifying duplicate values.

Richard Mann Answered

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I believe it should be possible - the validation rule should cross check the value with the rest of the values, and if it exists it should trigger a workflow rule that removes it and sends out a message.

Guy 0 votes

sounds reasonable.... so how do you cross check the value with the rest of the values.  I was thinking something as simple as 'IfExist' but apparently that's not a thing.

Richard Mann 0 votes

Adding an up vote - there is no way to do this with the current structure.  It would be possible to use a Validation Rule if there was a function that could test values - but there is not.  If the FindObject function was available in Validation Rules that would work, but it is not.  If you could configure an indexed Custom Field with a "must be unique" toggle that would be the ideal solution, but we don't have that either.

Any suggestions for how to do this now?

Jason Ray 0 votes