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User Setup Problem: Social and External User

Hi Guys,

I have configured one user account with "User Type" as 'Social' and "External User" ticked.

Then i assigned one Project Task to the Social External User (The User Account is the Owner and the only Resource).

When i logged as the Social External User, the assigned Project Task cannot be seen under Task UI.

I have read the documentation "1.4 User Types/Roles":

- Can view projects or parts of projects to which they are directly assigned

So, Is there anything wrong with the user configuration or project task assignment actions?

<System Settings - Permissions>

>> Permission Level: Basic

>> Enhanced permissions project visibility: Enable

Many thanks,



Sam Fu Answered

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A Social user does not have access to projects, including tasks within that project. They can only access floating "to-do" tasks not associated with a project. You would need a full user (or team user) with external user ticked. That would allow the user to see work that is explicitly shared but everything else would stay confidential.

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