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Different columns in basic view in different logins


In Project Details: Basic View, for Work Plan, I have setup a few columns for work plan projects. I changed the visibility of few columns from Manage -> Columns->Choose Fields from the gear icon near Work Plan menu (i.e. I did not edit the view from View Navigator) 

However, another user, sees a completely different set of columns from his login under Projects Details : Basic View for the same work plan. 


We both are using the Basic View, which is a global view and therefore the set of columns should be same for both the logins. We both are super users, have same Default Profile.

In another user's login, I can manually make the same set of columns visible as my login, but I don't think is the correct approach. 

What concept am I missing and what setting is required to get the defined column set "stick" to all logins ?  



Nishant Kumar Answered

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Users can always made an individualized version of a view that suits their specific needs. If you are a super user you can push changes to all users of a view, but they can still modify those views with columns they need.

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