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How to solve Unable to Retrieve Error ?


   When I generate a PPR Report, instead of getting a roadmap image, I get a message written there "Unable to Retrieve". 

    I am using a customized template, in which I have added a few additional fields, but I did not touch anything for Roadmap field.

The roadmap query still says "{!field=Project.C_PPR_RoadmapURL !format=thumbnail  !width=1500 !height=250 !pagewidth=2000 !pageheight=300 !loadingtime=10000}"

The additional fields, were added above the roadmap field. Does this make a difference to the query for inserting roadmap ?


Please help. 



Nishant Kumar Answered

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I too have made changes to the PPR template, including changes to the header section above the roadmap.  I've not had the issues you are describing, so suspect something else is wrong.  Given that this is a Clarizen App, I would raise a support call and see if you can get someone to take a look at your template to help.

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