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Allow Slide Publisher to show data tables across multiple slides

This is for a current Clarizen enterprise customer -

There are two primary use cases:
1. Team has a slide deck they distribute which contains a grid of all projects in the portfolio. The grid spans multiple slides, with approximately 6 rows of data per slide.
2. Team has slides which list multiple risks and issues, and this also could span multiple slides

In these cases (particularly the first one), this cannot easily be provided via standard clarizen reporting because the rows of data have to be combined with other data in the presentation for distribution to executive management. So, sharing a Clarizen report will not meet their needs. It needs to be via slide publisher.

A recommended way of doing this would be extending the existing table functionality in the slide publisher. Currently, you can select the number of rows in a table. Perhaps we can extend this by indicating which rows (Rows 1-6, Rows 6-12, etc.) - just an idea.

Kim Essendrup Not planned

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