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Report Currency Query


Forgive the basic cry for help here but i'm quite new to Clarizen and reporting. I've created a report to which i'm wanting to highlight a total amount: 

- Reporting on a custom column 

- Reports are Forecasts for a specific month in GBP manually input (unfortunately this is my only current way to capture a forecast due to how Clarizen is set up for the business)

Although it calculated the forecast amount, the highlight and chart will only show the sum and any references in 'USD' currency and not 'GBP'. 

I can not see any obvious options to change this view and the custom column is definitely set to 'GBP'.

Without changing the system default currency from USD to GBP is there a way around this that i'm just not seeing?

Thank you in advance for any guidance.  


Quanbrough, Daniela Answered

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If you're using Multi-Currency, your global reporting currency (set in Global Settings) is referred to as the "Base" Currency.

Reports do not convert currencies, but can display different currencies in report tabs and show base currency values alongside the project currency type data. 

You can ensure custom currency fields expose their base currency value. 

Take a look here:


David Goulden
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There is now way to change the currency in the report right now without perhaps using a formulaic field and converting it manually. However, we are planning to release a new field type later this year that will allow currency conversions in reports.

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Is there now a way to handle currency conversions in reports?

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