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Anticipate Commas in Numeric / Currency Data Entry?

My users complete regular data entry of large numbers or large currency values in Clarizen.  Often, these values come from Excel documents they get from an outside party. 

For example, they might have to input a "Final Quantity" of "12,000,000" -- and, if they enter this content as is (inclusive of commas), Clarizen is not able to parse out the commas and accept that they meant to enter "12000000" instead.

Essentially, what I'd like is for the validation of numeric / currency fields to accept commas as input (to provide ease of use to the user when entering this data -- whether copying and pasting or keying it in, the commas help ensure users know they are entering the right data) BUT strip the commas out upon save (so that the underlying data structure remains the same -- content is saved as a number or currency and all the relevant validation would then still apply).

If there's a way to do this without creating many custom fields / custom workflows, please advise.

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