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Installed Applications - Sort, Delete, Hide Options

Can you please add some functionality to the Installed Applications screen or maybe apply this across ALL Applications screens? For example,

  1. Can we SORT by Source Application? Version? Install Date?
  2. Can we HIDE by Source Application? Version? Install Date?
  3. Can we PERMANENTLY REMOVE by Source Application? Version?

I know we cannot UNINSTALL something that has Custom Fields, Reports, or other items that are "permanent", but maybe give us the option to PERMANENTLY HIDE from the list. Why do I want to see EVERY Application 1.0 when we are at 5.0, which means we will NEVER be able to UNINSTALL anyway.

It just adds more clutter and there can be option to SHOW ALL, but the Applications screen is neglected and it needs to be "enhanced" as the list grows and it is not enough to SEARCH for a specific Application.

 Notice how we rename Customer Surveys to Customer Survey, so we should be able to PERMANENTLY HIDE\REMOVE that OLD BRANCH from the view, because it is no longer valid. Furthermore, you cannot UNINSTALL anyway, so these options would help control the "out of control" clutter... :)

Wilfredo Maldonado Not planned

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