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Moving & rescheduling tasks changes previous parents dates

Hi all,

this seemed like a really easy workflow, but for some reason is not working.


What I'm trying to do:

Move tasks from one milestone to another one (we use milestones for sprints)

After the tasks have been moved they should be rescheduled to match the dates of the new sprint (milestone).

This seems to workhowevers, as long as I only move 1 item.

My problem:

If I move more than one task the rescheduling seems to occur before that tasks are moved and thus affect the dates of the previous milestone. I assume this is because Clarizen takes some time to move the item but already executes the rescheduling. (even though it is set to happen after the moving).


Thanks for any help!


Robin Head Answered

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The parent's dates can be dynamically set by children work items, so this would really depend on your exact project structure and whether you are setting any dates manually. I would recommend having a look with your PS Consultant or CSM.

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Thanks Josh,

I have tried to use set the parent's dates as well. In order to do so, I first set up 3 variables, move the task to the new milestone, reschedule the task's dates and reschedule the original milestone's date.


OriginalParent = $Milestone

OriginalParentsStartDate = $Milestone.startdate

OriginalParentsDueDate = $Milestone.sduedate

2) Move task to its new location

3) Reschedule Task's dates

Reschedule using the $Parent.startdate and $Parent.duedate

4)Reschedule original parents dates using the variable.


Bizarrely this works some of the time, but not always. It seems that the rescheduling can be a bit tricky as it is a queued action.


Thanks I will send my CSM an email

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