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Tuesday Tip for Permission Access Levels

Permission Access Levels let you manage editing/viewing permissions on Work Items, Cases and Customers, for users, groups or profiles. This eliminates the need for granting individual permissions.

For example, in a project, grant Editor permissions to a specific user and users of a specific profile, and Viewer permissions to a specific user group.

Tom Do Completed

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Hi Tom,

Where do you find "Permission Access Levels?" Is it a system setting? You mention, "in a project," but where in the project module does a user find this?

Matt Bures 0 votes

Hi Matthew, You would first need to enable Permission Access Levels by going to Settings > System Settings > 3.3 "Permission Access Levels" and toggle it on. Please note that once you toggle it on, you cannot turn it off.

Once you toggle it on, go to Settings > Profiles > Master Profile > Project (left hand side) and then click on "Fields & Relations." Once you are there, click on Related Items and there you will need to add Permission Access Levels so it will show up in your projects. Please make sure that you do the same thing for the other Profiles.

Tom Do 0 votes

Hi Tom, 3.3 "Permission Access Levels" is greyed out for me. It is the only field under system settings-> permissions that I cannot edit. Do you know how I can fix this?



Rachel Herrera 0 votes