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Tie File Viewer URLs to Clarizen

Since the recent shift to for file viewer instead of crocodoc we have not been able to access File Viewer.  We do not use, so it is blocked for our associates.  We tried white-listing however it appears there are numerous redirects in the process of viewing the document which leverage other box URLs (that are not prefaced by clarizen).  The only way we will be able to get around this is to white-list the addl URls (Request URL:, * Request URL:, * Request URL:, * Request URL:, * Request URL: on a user by user basis - 500 + users at this point.  

Could these redirects be changed to always use the format?  If so, we don't believe we would need to white-list by user as a user would need a clarizen log in to view.  

Bifani, Erinn Not planned

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