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Changing labour cost rates Recalculates actual cost from timesheet



Currently, it seems to be the case that for any non-complete tasks the actual cost is recalculated when the actual effort is updated. This could be when a new timesheet has been submitted. 

We like the ability to use a project as a reportable item and thus have the timesheets directly attached to the project. However, this also means that if any labour rates change during the course of the project the actual costs for past months also get recalculated as all timesheets update the actual cost of the project.

The only way I could see how I circumvent this is by creating dummy tasks within the project that the users report on for each month and mark them as complete at the end of the month to prevent this from happening. 

What I'm wondering is whether it is possible to freeze the cost a timesheet incurs at the time it is submitted/approved?





Robin Head Answered

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The best way to freeze costs would be to make sure system setting 9.4 "Recalculate revenue and cost for completed work items" is turned off and split any open tasks so that the portion of each task that is supposed to have to old rate is closed.

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