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Non-Labor Resources Not Showing Accurately in Reports

I have added non-labor resources to a test project at the project level. I added $25000 of CAPEX to month 3, clicked save, then ran a report that pulls NLRs by project by month and uses a line chart to graph. For some reason NLR  I said was $25,000 and designated it as month 3, shows up in month 2.

Example our fiscal year is April-March. Month 3 is june which I said Capex $25,000. When I look at my report it is showing as may month 2 $25,000. I added a date and for some reason the date is the last day in May. 

Has any one else seen this behavior or have more information? 

Koster, Rob Answered

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Can you please submit a support ticket, I believe this will have to be investigated.

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