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entityQuery GET with where condition

I was looking at the documentation for entityQuery at
and it says I can use either GET or POST. I am able to use GET just fine if I'm not using where condition. But when I use where condition I get internal error with "referenceId": "1KnPI24X2cmpfjr0qL6uOd"
POST works fine if my request has where condition.
I am using SOAPUI for my testing. I am attaching screen shots here. What is incorrect with my GET request? Or is it simply exceeding the URL data length? Please let me know as soon as possible. I would really appreciate your help.

Here are screen shots

GET request


POST request

Dhanashri Kondap Answered

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Hi Dhanashri,

As I can see in the screenshot and in our logs the specified URL is as following:

/V2.0/services/data/entityQuery?typeName=Customer&fields=SYSID,Name,Description,CreatedBy,CreatedOn,C_BusinessLeader,C_ParentCustomer,LastUpdatedBy,LastUpdatedOn&paging= {"from": 0,"limit": 25}&where={ "and": [ { " leftExpression":{ "fieldName": "SYSID"}, operator: "Equal", "rightExpression": {"value": "C-204" } }

The "where" condition is not closed properly. You did not close the "and" with a bracket and the "where" with the brace.

In addition you have extra leading space in " leftExpression" property name.

Note: you do not need to use "and" when you have single condition.

Alex Broitman
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