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User Group Management

I want to enable certain PMs to be able to administer user groups. The only way I can do this is to either make them the 'Direct Manager' of the group, or make them an 'Admin' user.

The issues with these options are: you can only have 1 direct manager, and I may need more than one person to administer a group; I don't really want to hand out Admin access to more people as this opens up all of the system configuration and setup etc.

So is there a better way that I can allow multiple users to administer a group?

Jeremy Tiley Answered

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Hello Jeremy,

Say you have a group named "Test". If you want multiple users to manage it, you could create a user group for each of the users and make them direct managers of those groups. Then make the "Test" group a sub-group to all the groups you just created. Since permissions are inherited, all users will be able to manage the "Test" group.

Alternatively (and preferably in my opinion), you could create a custom action that would allow users to assume the Direct Manager role by updating the Direct Manager field.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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