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JIRA Integration - Worklog Sync Error on a closed story

We currently record the timesheets in JIRA and the worklog is synced to Clarizen. When a story is JIRA is marked as closed, the issue is synced into Clarizen and marks as complete in Clarize. This is as expected and works great.

Whenever a team member records time against a closed story in JIRA the worklog is synced into Clarizen and throws up a sync error "State 'Active' is not appropriate for class 'Timesheet'" even when Clarizen setting are configured to allow for worklog on a closed task. 

In order to remove these sync error, we have to make the task active in Clarizen, manually re-sync the worklog and then mark the ask as complete in Clarizen.

Is it possible to make worklog sync between JIRA and Clarizen automated to avoid the sync errors even when the task are marked as "Complete"?

Gopi Sajja Answered

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This is by design. You cannot sync a worklog on a completed record. We suggest opening a CR with your CSM.


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