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Importing data into expense reports?

I use a very effective expense reporting app on my phone that allows me to export data to a variety of formats - excel being the simplest of those formats.

However, I can't seem to find a way to import that data into a new expense report in Clarizen - which forces me to manually re-key all the data.  This is pointless and a waste of time.  As well, from what I can tell the Clarizen expense reporting is mediocre at best.

Is there any way I can import this data so I don't have to manually rekey it all again?

Russel Olinger Answered

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Hi Russel,

Could you please clarify where you would like the imported data to appear? Is it expense sheets? Maybe some screenshots would be helpful to clarify this. Also, what is the format of the data you're trying to import (what do columns and rows contain)?

Thank you,


Roland Pumputis 0 votes
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Hi Roland,


I would like to import the data from my Expense Report app directly into a new Expense Sheet in Clarizen.  The app I use can export in CSV/Excel format - The columns it exports are: Date, Name (Record Name), Price, Currency, Category Name, Category Code, Comment, Reimbursement, Payment Method

The csv file format does not export images (receipts/photos).  However, the app can also export as "Full PDF Report" (with line item data and receipt images), "PDF Report with no Table", "ZIP - Receipt Files" and "ZIP - Receipt Files with Meta Data".

Aside from exporting in "Full PDF Report" and the "CSV Report" I haven't used the other report formats.  If I can import the CSV file into an Clarizen Expense Sheet then all my itemized expense would auto populate the expense sheet - and then I could simply just attach the entire Full PDF Report to one of those itemized expenses so all the receipt images would be a part of the report.

Russel Olinger 0 votes
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