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Report text formula column not working with Due Date

Trying to use the "Due Date" to set specific text values in a report formula column. I've tried Case and IF but keep getting ''Other." Included ToOrganizationalDateTime on $DueDate and Date() but that also didn't work. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

IF($DueDate = Date(2019,12,03),'Sprint 1',IF($DueDate = Date(2019,12,17),'Sprint 2','Other'))

Case($DueDate, Date(2019,12,13),'Sprint 1', Date(2019,12,17),'Sprint 2','Other')

Devlend Maul Answered

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Hello Devlend,

I think that you keep getting "Other" because the dates in Clarizen include the timestamp as well as date (i.e. Due Date is probably not 0 hours and Date generated by Date() is 0 hours).

I'm not sure if this will work in report formula column, but you could try something like this: Case(Date(Year($DueDate), Month($DueDate), Day($DueDate)), Date(2019,12,13),'Sprint 1', Date(2019,12,17),'Sprint 2','Other')

I hope this helps.


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