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Format of Dashboard when exporting to PDF

The ability to choose landscape / portrait and paper size fit for the dashboard before export to PDF would be of benefit. The current view / layout produced is very ill fitting and not professional when submitting to Executives as a component of a Board Pack.

I note a couple of other requests in 2015/2016 (CR320866) around this but no update on the CR numbers. Did anything happen? Is it possible to manipulate at all prior to export?

Rachel Hamo Answered

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Thanks for the suggestion Josh. My problem is that most of my Board report is heavily summarised and filtered data within reports to build a single Portfolio view of all my recorded projects. I don't need / want individual project information. I did have a look but found that pulling information from reports didn't allow me to format or summarise in the same way that the dashboards do.  E.G. I want a highlights box showing total active projects. Then I want a graph showing these split by division. Perhaps I am missing something but I only saw functionality to select the whole report (not components of a report).

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