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please add a "Throw Error" action for WFRs and CAs

I have a CA that triggers a WFR for invalid input checking.  I use WFRs because VRs aren't complex/flexible enough to test the error states (VRs can't set a variable by looping on a set of objects, for example).  When my WFR detects an error state, it intentionally divides by zero to cause the CA submission to be rejected.  The CA dialog stays up so the user can then immediately correct the input.

The problem with this is that the error counts against the CA's error limit, and when it reaches a certain threshold the CA is frozen for continued use.  The workaround is to disable then re-enable the CA to reset the error counter.

I would like a new CA and WFR action called "Throw Error" which allows me to halt a CA or WFR with a user-defined message, and doesn't count against the CA or WFR's error threshold limit.

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I'll also add that the errors my WFR detects are not simply formatting errors in the user-supplied input, but rather more like inconsistency errors (for example a user enters a Normal shift time entry on a day that already has an Afternoon shift time entry on it... any given day cannot have more than one type of time entry on it: this kind of error cannot be easily detected on the user input form and has to be detected by a more complex WFR).

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