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Reporting or Viewing Configuration Properties

Currently there is no way to view, sort or filter configurations and their properties.  As a result, it is extremely tedious when making security changes (like adding a profile), quality controlling development (like making sure which custom actions are visible but not executable, or internal vs visible), or impact analysis on related objects (list of all items that use a particular custom field, action or property).

Some of these are just impossible without diving into each item individually.  When you combine that with the inability to sort or filter it the view it is frustrating.  I can, for example, search "All Items" using the search bar to find every configuration that uses "TemplateTask" as a variable, but when I go into one and exit, the search is lost and I have to re-enter it.

I suggest that at a minimum there should be some way to export an Excel report of configurations and their system properties (like when scheduled rules run, or whether a custom action is internal or external).  Ideally the View of configurations would work like every other view, and you could sort it, filter it, add or remove columns of system properties from it, or export it.

There is no elegant way to dive too deep as logic and fields can get complex.  But just being able to get a list to focus on, or qc, would be enormously helpful.

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