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IHUB - Sync Schedule

Can you please consider adding an option to configure iHub to sync "every hour"?

Currently, you can configure iHub to synch TWICE A DAY; but as the integration gets "tighter and tighter" with Salesforce, users there would like to see more regular updates.

This might actually help performance; because an hourly sync would actually be comprised of a smaller number of changes; so it would sync faster with less possibility of a "timeout".

Finally, this is useful for ensuring that both systems are "in sync" as Salesforce does not do "project management" and relies heavily on Clarizen for this information.

*hint* *hint*

*** Please VOTE UP the original post for Clarizen to eventually notice ***

Wilfredo Maldonado Not planned

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I add my vote for all the reasons Wilfredo listed. Frequency of twice a day is too low, and because of the intense usage of Clarizen and Salesforce we need a sync for at least every hour. Another reason is to break the large number of items that are synced now and often exceeds Salesforce limits to a smaller number of item in more frequent syncs.

Yair Tsoran 1 vote
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