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Set the "manually set" flag for dates per function or API

During our onboarding to Clarizen a Validation rule has been created that relies on a tasks due date to be set manually before.

To ensure that the tasks due date is set manually, there is a custom action that , besides other things, changes the due date by calling DateAddCalendarFixedPeriod($DueDate,'d',-1) and resetting the initial value which is flagged as "Manually set" so.

This is working.

Unless the case where the task has only got a duration of 1 day. Then the DateAddCalendarFixedPeriod($DueDate,'d',-1) is going wrong.

So, I am looking for a better way to get the tasks due date be flagged as "Manually set". I hope there is a function or an API call to do so.

Any help or hint for another approach is appreciated!


Juergen Riedmann Answered

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Hello Juergen,

Any date that is updated by a user, business rule or API should appear as manually updated. My suggestion is to change the Due Date via the API to something else and change it back.

I hope this helps.


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