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Feature request: "Wrap text" toggle for whole grid

I'd love to see a button in grid views that allows to set all columns to "wrap text" or "don't wrap text" at once.

Use case: Switching from a condensed, space saving view to full readibility of all details by the click of a button.

Currently I have to define a separate view for each "wrap text" state or switch every column infividually by hand which really takes lot's of clicks to get you there.

Juergen Riedmann Not planned

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Hi Juergen,

I like the idea and I'm wondering:

1- in which module would this button be added?

It seems you need it in Reports/Cases (because you refer to views). I'd need it in Reports.

2- What are you trying to achieve precisely? Here's a couple of ideas:
a- as a user I want to see all the text contained in all the columns of the grid, but I don't want to resize the columns

b- as a user I want to see all the text contained in all the columns of the grid and I want to have all the columns fit the screen width because I don't want to scroll horizontally (Confluence does that in certain circumstances and it's..hmmm awful)

Chris S. 0 votes
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Hi Chris,

I would like to see this in any view, where a grid is shown.

  • Module views in general
  • Detail views that contin a work plan
  • Reports

We use some fields to keep info that has quite some text in it. Like Definition of Done for work packages or mitigation plan for risks and others.

Currently you have to design the views for either giving a good overview with only single-line grids, or to display interesting information in total with text wrapping.

Being able to switch betqween both options by a simple button would make life easier and reduce the amount of views that needed to be predefined.

Juergen Riedmann 1 vote
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