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Reporting Module Enhancement: Add functionality to restrict axes to some subset.


Add the ability to set domain/ranges in the charts.

Use Case:

If you have tasks that record impact events on some set of groups.

The set of groups are in a multi-select picklist.

Sometimes a task can affect more than one group - that is why you have a multi-select pick list.

The problem comes when you want to build a report on that and represent it graphically. Lets say you want to have a graph that only shows certain affected areas, so you filter the report to those areas - but by the nature of the setup, the plot will also include the other areas that are affected by those tasks.

In many circumstances you might want this - but sometimes you would just want the plot to have on its axis only those areas you are filtering by. (so the end audience as a more focused view.

Here is a mockup of a possible solution:

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