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Adjust the "Advanced" view layout when adding new users to Clarizen

Hey Clarizen Team,

I'd like to be able to adjust the "Advanced" view layout when adding new users to Clarizen.


I've confirmed with a support agent that this is not currently possible.

Why do I want to add more columns to the advanced view?
- Looks like the advanced view was created so that you can add multiple users at once. I want to create multiple users at once AND I want to be able to fill in their role, direct manager, etc... Currently, I have to go back to the user on the User view and adjust these fields after I create them. I'd like to do it all at once.

James Bridgewater Not planned

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I totally agree! I also want to be able to select their user type from the advanced view. Good suggestion!

Jessica Roller 0 votes


@James, I haven't tested this but there's an option to create users using the Data Loader. Looking at the options of available fields, it seems like everything from the user record (custom or otherwise) is available. 

Emily Spencer 0 votes