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New Custom Field Types - Label

It would be useful to be able to have a field type of Label, where we have the ability to display static information text within the form to provide guidance / instructions on what they should do.


Ideally the label field type would just display its value, rather than the combination of <Field Name>: <Field Value>


By having it as a standard custom field type would also mean that it could be displayed on the property cards within the objects too (I know in theory we could achieve this with a read-only text field that is defaulted)


We make extensive use of Custom Actions, where we collect user inputs as part of the usage, where this field type would be very useful.


In our environment we have hacked around by storing HTML in the variable names to achieve a similar effect, but its not really ideal, and can be confusing when HTML span across multiple variables. 


For example: We have Variables defined in custom actions that look something like this:

<a href="" rel="nooperner noreferrer" target="_blank"><font size="2"><b>Guidance Notes & Mandatory Templates</b></font></a><br/><br/>Requested For


Obviously in usage the user sees instruction text (with an associated link) for Guidance Notes & Mandatory templates, before getting to the entry for Requested For (see screenshot below)



Obviously this hack whilst semi-functional has the limitations that the content you want to display fits within the field length limits of the Label variable attribute


David Blackeby Not planned

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