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Ability to plan / prioritise project deliveries based on resource availability

We want the ability to plan when projects can move into an "Active" delivery state based on the availability of resources assigned to the draft plans

Similar to the functionality within the Capacity Management module to be able to look at a group of projects across resource groups to determine where constraints exist, and be able to selectively include / exclude them from the planning.

Essentially we operate as follows from an inbound Request receipt

  1. Delivery Assessment (where outline plans, with resource (job titles) are produced)
  2. Once the assessment is complete it moves to an "Awaiting Delivery" state awaiting for it to be prioritised and moved into delivery, once the required resources are available.

Ultimately the Awaiting Delivery backlog can be sorted by priority, and then a selection of projects can be picked to see if the required staff capacity exists to safely move them into Active Delivery.

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