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Child task accept default duration unit as Days


I am creating a task using CreateAndRetrieve using Clarizen API. A parent task and Child task gets created. I am setting the Work to 0.25, it set the Work and Work variance of parent task to 2h which is the desired result. But for the child task it sets Work as 0.25d instead of 2h, irrespective of changing the duration unit.

Please help, i need to set it to 2h instead of 0.25d

Below is the code -

LinkEntityToTask.ClarizenAPI2.Duration duration = new LinkEntityToTask.ClarizenAPI2.Duration();
duration.Value = Convert.ToDouble(fieldvalue);
duration.Unit = DurationUnit.Hours;
duration.DurationType = DurationType.Default;
fv.Value= duration.Value;

We had created a thread 3h ago for the same -

Deeksha Shetty Answered

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This issue is resolved when i added the Duration unit to the object as hours and mapped field value to the duration object instead of duration value in the above code.

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