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Mapping a Task Date to a Custom Field

I'm trying to figure out how to create a custom field/action that references a work item field.  The field/action should be project specific and should reference project specific items.  For example:

A custom project field labeled "Installation Date".  This field should equal the Task Start Date for a task named "Instrument Installation".  This field should be applied to every project with a task named "instrument installation"

In simplistic terms, Map the value of a Task Start Date from a Project Workplan to another field in the Project Property Card.

i.e. Custom Field "Installation Date" = value of "Instrument Installation" Task Start Date

The goal of this field is to create a Project View which lists a group of projects and specific information that can be exported to a Sharepoint list. 

I have been able to create a field that equals the Instrument Installation Task Start Date for a specific project, but the problem I encounter then is that the new field is static; that field will always reference the date from one project only.  I want this field to be unique to each project; without creating thousands of separate rules.  

Is this possible, or is there another way to accomplish the same goal?

Eric Banks Answered

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Where have you created the field?  On the basis that you have created it at the Project level (as you said you wanted it on the property card.  You would just create a workflow rule on the task level that every time a record is created or edited (and it evaluates to just tasks with a name of "Instrument Installation" it updates the parent project field you have created with the new date.

For Example:

Run only when the following conditions are met

If True = 

$Name = 'Instrument Installation'

Set Actions

Update Field

Change: $ParentProject.InstallationDate (obviously you'll need to specify the correct field)$


If the task doesn't exist in a given project, the parent field will be blank, where it does exist it will be populated.

This will basically update the Installation Date field whenever any attribute of the task is updated (e.g. % complete, or updated due date etc.)

Keep in mind this will only trigger when the task is updated.  If the tasks are already completed on existing projects, it won't fire, in which case you'll need to create a custom action to trigger setting the value as a baseline.


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