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Editing Report Tables - Automatically adjust trailing zeros for both each column's row & totals

This is a very small feature request that will save at LEAST 3 clicks per report build but can save up to 20+ clicks depending on how many columns anyone has.



  • You just created a report. The report is perfect. You click save and run. 
  • Looking at your reports table, you notice every value has a LOT of trailing decimals. Way too many. Now, you need to click to edit the report, srroll down to the table section, and individually adjust every column to show only the X number of decimal you'd like it to show instead of the default 8.
  • Note - I believe this specifically happen for formula fields in the table


  1. Create the ability to set a default trailing decimals amount (i.e. 2 instead of 8)
  2. Allow for the ability so that if you are manually adjusting the trailing zero's amount while editing the table, you can click a 'checkbox' to also apply this number of trailing zeros in the operations row (sum, avg, percent, etc.). As of now, you need to click into 2 different areas to adjust the trailing zeros. (see this link)


This is a small fix... But, I imagine there are a LOT of reports created on a daily basis. This will save clicks and a cumbersome aspect when cleaning up reports.

James Bridgewater Planned

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Hello James,

Thanks for this feedback!

Actually, we've been looking at this change.

So, I hope it will be delivered soon.

Vadim from the Product Team


Vadim Pilipenko
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Thanks for the update Vadim! Looking forward to the feature enhancement. 

James Bridgewater 1 vote
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Hey James,

Some good news! We're going to address your request and set the default precision to 2 decimal points instead of 9 for formula column. The fix is coming out on Oct-25.


Vadim Pilipenko 1 vote
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Good to hear. Thanks for the update Vadim!


That makes way more sense for a default amount.

James Bridgewater 0 votes
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