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enter % complete first before entering actual end date

our PM must enter the “% Complete” field first before entering the Actual End Date field. anybody knows how this can be achieved (validation rules)?

Hafeez Mohammed Answered

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The way to do this is with a Validation Rule, as follows: $ActualEndDate <> NULL && isManuallySet($ActualEndDate) && $PercentCompleted <> 100


There are a number of other considerations. For example: 

  1. You can mark a work item complete using Mark As button. 
  2. You can mark a work item complete by setting Remaining Effort as 0h
  3. You can mark a work item complete by it's sub items all being completed

Also, Actual End Date will be automatically filled in when the work item is complete, so basically, your PMs will be able to update the Actual End Date only once the work item is complete. 


David Goulden
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