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how to check if the discussion container is a project, how to copy latest post to custom field

I would like to copy the last posted comment in the discussion stream of a project into a custom field.

This field would be included in the slide publisher for my project.


I can create a workflow "on creation" of a new post, but I cannot validate if this post belongs to a project/task/milestone/...

I need the workflow only to run on a post in a project...

I would use the $container object to found out where the post belongs to, but there is no field to validate.

Is there another solution?

Christophe De Bie Answered

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Hello Christophe,

I think you can use $Container.EntityType = "Project" in the evaluation criteria.

I hope this helps.


Roland Pumputis 0 votes
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I am attempting to do the same thing here, but cannot get the Discussion Post to copy into my custom field.  Can you provide some additional details about the Workflow Rule?


Eric Banks 0 votes
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Hello Erik, 

This is what I did:

1. created a workflow rule on discussion -> Post

2. set run time to: "Every time a record is created or edited"

3 set evaluation criteria: If True = $Container.EntityType = "Project" <&& I added here some text validation to decide if this post is interesting to copy over>

4.Set actions

  • "Update Field"
  • Change: $Container.Project.<name of the field you want to change> =
  • $body <or any manipulation of the $body field>


Christophe De Bie 0 votes
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