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Users with Non-Standard Working Hours

We are leveraging the contracted hours data field to help manage time and time compliance in Clarizen.  This works fine when the resource is a full time 40 hours per week asset and it would work for any other fixed duration of time per week asset.  However, for those cases when the resource is a 12 hr per day, 48 hrs on wk1, 36 hrs on wk2, alternating asset how do I ensure they are submitting their time correctly?

Kimberly Coates Answered

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We use this application in the same manner, though our part time staff do the same hours each week so we could just reduce the requirement for them at the user level.

Would you be able to ask them to report time for the higher amount (36 hrs) each week with a 12 hr 'absent' task for them to use on the alternate week?

I know that would not be the tidiest solution but it seems a fairly easy option.

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