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field that stores the url part for a request/project

When pulling a request up in clarizen one will get a url such as this:


is there a field in clarizen that stores the full url or the last part: 159116545


I have looked through the configuration at the Cases > Request fields, and I don't see any that would store that.


Usecase - when we are adding requests problematically we want to provide the url shown above to an external system as a link, or when someone searches for the request we can generate the link to the request.

Jared Thompson Answered

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Hi Jared,

You can add a new custom formula field on the request that will contain the current object URL. The formula should look like this:



I hope this helps,



Elad Franklin
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I guess I am surprised we have to use our limited number of custom fields to get that - perhaps in the future that could be a standard field for tasks/requests/projects?  I will file a feature request.


I have tested the solution you provided and it works great - thank you for your help and for taking the time.

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