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REST changeState Task - unable to set to '"On Hold"


I am putting a utility together to take a Work Breakdown Structure template in Excel and create the Tasks in Clarizen directly from the Sheet. I have the REST API working, but want to tweak it so that they can update the tasks.

Problem: using the changeState call I can make a task state = "Draft", "Active",... but cannot set it to "On Hold"

making a POST to

Payload is: {"ids":["/Task/oim41b575uunk0rk9ghtbed94650"], "state":"On Hold"}

{"errorCode":"Internal","message":"An internal error has occurred, the error was logged and will be examined.","referenceId":"3JaMw06LqkFyntcmZqHR5"}

Have tried many variations on upper and lower cases.

And Note the same call works for 'Active' or 'Draft' State


Peter O'Halloran Answered

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Hi Peter,

Please use value "OnHold".


I hope this helps,


Elad Franklin
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