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Ability to create custom Labor Time Phased Data


Back in Jan 2020, I created a whole reporting system in Clarizen that uses an individual's capacity, Utilization targets, and global regional holidays to calculate an individuals monthly target billable hours.

I created a new user field per month and per qrt (16 new User fields) to track each user's targets throughout the year.

Using Timephased reporting, Individual contributors, Managers, and regional directors are able to see how their teams are trending towards target billable hours all in Clarizen.



Because the monthly target hours per user are built on custom fields on the User object, they do not automatically adjust with a timephased reports date range. 

  • i.e For August, I can choose 'This month' in August to look at this month's data. However, I need to manually use the field name FY21Q3M1. Every month, I need to adjust which field we pull in to show monthly targets per user in a timephased report.



I'd like to be able to create a custom labor timephased field that would essentially do:

  •  Workable Capacity * Utilization target = Billable Target (hrs)

If I were able to create a billable target field on the labor timephased data, it would allow for really seamless reporting so our can easily track actuals vs target and reduce overhead work by ops teams.


James Bridgewater Answered

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I second the request. I've tried to do the same thing. The way we measure utilization is slightly different from traditional methods. We also calculate a "percentage of target" as the true measure. We cant do this in time phased today. We need to export to Excel to perform the calcs.

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