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Custom Page Editing

Would be useful to have the ability to expand (or zoom) the text area boxes to make them bigger.  We have some very long Custom Pages, and its increasingly difficult to edit them, when you are restricted to only seeing 15 lines at a time.

I also find that sometimes it doesn't let me scroll to the end of the section (e.g. HTML) as it seems to run out of buffer.

I realise that you could copy and paste it into NotePad or some other HTML editor, but adopting the same control as used for instance in custom actions, where you can resize the box using the bottom right corner would actually suffice.

See Example:

Current Editor


Custom Action Panel (with resizing on bottom right)

Strangely within the Custom Page configuration you allow resizing on External Script section, but not on HTML, Style, Script or Data (JSON Format) controls.


David Blackeby Not planned

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