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Errors using Rest API's


We are planning to Automate the user provisioning process using API's , and we did go through the API documentation provided by clarizen, we are facing below issues could you please help us on below.

  1. Could you please provide an API which allows to suspend a user in the system, we have tried using life cycle API with below body
    URL : ''
    Body :
    we are getting below error even after giving valid credentials
    {errorCode: "SessionTimeout", message: "Your session has expired", referenceId: "QXulia7g1ye9JMEFTw5Tr"}
  2. We can able to change the permissions of the user i.e., SuperUser, Financial using the below API it is working fine but whenever we are trying to change the permission type as admin we are getting below error.
    URL : ''
    {errorCode: "InvalidOperation", message: "Invalid operation: Field 'Admin' cannot be updated. The field is marked 'read-only'."},

could you please help us to sort out above 2 issues.

Sai Chelluboina Answered

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Hello Sai,

1. Setting user state via API is not supported. 

2. I don't think this is supported either.

I hope this answers your questions.

Thank you!

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