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How to have 1 Task but tied to different Sites with that same task?

So i have been managing a single project that has different sites associated with the project, and these sites all share basically the same tasks. 

Currently I have a Parent Project, and rooted underneath are the Child Projects. What I find hard to manage is that the tasks are all the same for each child project, but to differentiate them and to be able to track which sites have accomplished a particular task, we have 6 separate projects (basically duplicated) but we created a a new column we called Facility ID. So each project, each task in each project, has the Facility ID of that particular project. 

Is there a better way to have a single project, with a single task, but essentially assigned to multiple sites?  When a specific site has this task completed, we have a way to track that and also track time for efforts for a particular site. 

Hopefully i'm explaining this in a manner that you all can offer a solution to make this easier than managing 6 separate projects and 6 separate line items for every task. 

John Kramer Answered

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