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Trigger the creation of a task that tracks the approval of another task


How can I trigger the creation of a task that directs a manager to make an approval of another task? I'd like this manager to be able to see all of the tasks that they have been requested to approve in the My Active Tasks panel. 

A task leader requests approval for a task and as a result a new task is created and assigned to the manager directing them to approve the task. If the manager has multiple approval requests, they will see that appear as multiple tasks in the My Active Tasks panel.

Can you also confirm that I am not able to make this "Approval Task" as a To-do list item for the parent task that needs to be approved?

Thank you!

Henry Prinz Answered

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Hello Henry,

What indicates that a task needs approval? Do you have some kind of field that indicates so?

Task creation can be done like so:

Thank you,


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