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Meeting Note action items limitations

While the new meeting notes feature has potential, there appear to be several limitations and idiosyncrasies that leave me scratching my head. 

1. The Meeting Notes Action Items are a separate entity from Task Action Items, also known as To Dos. Not sure why there was a need for another object type.

2. MN Action Items don't show up in the Task module, forcing users to go to multiple places to find the work they are assigned. At the very least, MN Action Items should also appear in the Task module, even if you want to keep the MN Action Item module.

3. It doesn't appear you can have discussions on MN Action Items, but maybe there's just a setting I haven't enabled. Similarly, it doesn't look like you can link to work items or provide anything more than a title. 

4. The term Action Items is used in the system to reference two different things. So, if you go to the Task Module and Manage Filters, you'll see Action Items listed twice. One refers to MN Action Items, and the other refers to Task Action Items. That's obviously confusing.

5. If you create an action item on meeting notes it links to the Project or Task, although you can't tell which project or task from the Action Item list.

Dorsey Wilmarth Not planned

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