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Formula issues

I want to create a custom field that is a division formula.  First it needs to the the sum of the fields.  Second issue I have is the one field is currency and the other is duration.  How can I convert, I can not delete the filed for it has data in it.


Sales Amount = Currency

Budgeted Hours = Duration

In report I have it set to Totals "Sum"

I want to talk the sum of Sales Amount / sum of Duration



Brian Yeager Answered

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Hi Brian,

In order to divide currency by duration, you will need to convert them to numeric values first. You will also need to make sure to avoid division by zero. For example: If(($BudgetedHours / Hours(1) > 0, ($C_SalesAmount / Currency(1)) / ($BudgetedHours / Hours(1)), 0)

As for the report, please try different summary types to see if any perform the calculation you need.

I hope this helps.


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