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Adding multiple attachments upon request creation

I am attempting to add two attachment fields so that the user can create a request with multiple attachments on it (instead of adding the second one after it's been created). I have two variables with different variable names- both being "References to Object" and that object being a File.

The action that adds these files to the request are both under conditional actions that requires the variable to not be null.
I have both of these items running on Current Object with $Entity being NewObject1 and $Document being the names for each variable.

However when I test it by creating a request with attachments in both variables, I get an error message saying that the link between the objects already exists. What am I missing here?


Justin Temaat Answered

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Hello Justin,

It's hard to say what exactly is wrong without seeing the configuration. The link probably does exist if you get the error. 

Could you please provide screenshots of the business rule (all actions)?

Thank you,


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